Season in Review

Although COVID-19 brought it all to an abrupt, heartbreaking end, we couldn’t be more thankful for the experiences this SO season brought. With the competition season behind us, we wanted to share our gratitude by highlighting the people who made our experiences possible.

First and foremost, we could not do any of this without our amazing sponsors, Mrs. Holman and Dr. Woodwell. We are truly thankful for all the time and thought you put into powering our team, from coming on our trips to managing paperwork to being the lifeblood of our team with your coaching and support—thank you for all you do.

Next, big thank you to our incredible teammates for all the grinding, bonding, and competing—your hard work showed at the tournaments, and we’re so proud of everyone. Amazing job this year, team!!

Special shoutout to our seniors for their tremendous leadership and dedication: Omkar B, Isabelle D, Brian H, Sneha I, Jerry L, Cathy L, Havish M, Gaurav M, Sydney S, Rohan V, and Sarah W. We’re going to miss you immensely next year—please remember you’re ALWAYS welcome to visit and always part of the family.

Thank you to the TJSO parents who support our team. Your willingness to help, volunteer, and chaperone has been crucial to our success this season.

To VASO, CMU Scioly, and SOUP: Thank you for the excellent tournament experiences this season!

Last but not least, we want to highlight our two financial supporters, TJ Academic Boosters and TJ Partnership Fund. TJ Academic Boosters supports the many academic teams at TJHSST, and TJ Partnership Fund, supports TJHSST students through sponsoring our labs, programs, extracurriculars, and classrooms. We’re extremely grateful to have received their help this year, in funding tournament expenses and materials, and would encourage anyone interested in helping us to visit their websites.

To the SO community: Competing this season with you has been a wonderful pleasure, and our team looks forward to seeing you all again next year. We wish everyone the best in health until then!

Onwards to the next season!