It’s 2020-2021 application season! This year’s application will consist of the following components:

Please keep an eye out for future updates, and sign up for our interest email list or our interest Facebook group if you haven’t already! We ask for your patience and flexibility as we work through details and potential delays in an unusual application season.

How Do I Fill Out the Awards Section?

We have a particular format that we’d like all applicants to use for the awards listing:

Here’s an example of a season that fulfills all the criteria:

9th grade (Division C):
Event/Duke Invitational/Regional/Cornell Invitational/State/National
Amazing Mechatronics (Trial)/-/-/-/1/-
Circuit Lab/-/-/-/-/-
Detector Building (Trial)/-/-/-/-/-
Sounds of Music/3/3/-/-/-
Wright Stuff/6/-/-/-/-

Building Event Supplement Clarifications

Is hot glue an acceptable fastener?
Yes, hot glue is an acceptable fastener. The list provided in section 3.b.v. is intended as an example, not an exhaustive listing.
Can the structure be attached to the thumbtack using string?
The string may be used to help attach your structure to the thumbtack, as long as the piece of string used is within the length limit as indicated in the rules.
Can a container be directly placed on top of the load, or does it have to be suspended from the loading block?
The container cannot be directly placed on the top. All weight must be suspended from the loading block.
Can the base joint of the structure touch the wall entirely with its back, or can it only touch the wall partially?
The base joint can touch the wall partially so long as it is outside of the contact width lines.

FAQs About the Application Process

For questions about other aspects of TJSO, please take a look at our FAQ page.

Should I prepare for the diagnostic test?
There is no need to prepare for the diagnostic; we will be testing your ability to problem solve, not necessarily how much you know about science.
Whom may I list as my reference in my application?
As the application form indicates, you may list any previous teacher or coach. This includes division B coaches and, if you have been on TJSO before, TJSO sponsors.

An archive of past updates is available on the posts page.